Why Video?

By: Davis Lauderdale

Professional video is probably the least understood service offered for weddings. Because of this, many couples often leave it out of their wedding day. However, video is typically one of the most cherished items that couples receive from their wedding. It is something that not only the couple will enjoy, but it is also enjoyed by friends, family, and eventually their children.

video camera

Photo by Love Story Weddings

Many people have pre-conceived notions about hiring a videographer for their wedding. They feel they will be intimidated by having a big camera in their face throughout the day. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Videographers are able to stay far enough away that they will be largely unnoticed, which will allow the bride and groom to feel more comfortable.

A lot of people also believe that they can have a friend or family member use their camera to record the day’s events. Although this is true, the results are usually not good. Professional videographers have higher quality cameras that produce much better image quality, especially in low light areas like reception ballrooms. Also professional videographer utilize different microphones in order to clearly pick up the sounds of the wedding, which is not possible with consumer cameras. Also, professional videographers will have a much better concept of what to shoot and when to shoot it. Videotaping a live event, such as a wedding, is very difficult because it only happens once and there is little room for error. Finally, most videographers use more than one camera during a wedding shoot. This allows for a variety of angles, which makes the video much more entertaining. Also, it is also a great backup in case there is a malfunction with one of the cameras.

Video is one of the only tangible items you receive from your wedding. It is a great way to relive the wonderful moments from your wedding, and to show others who could not be there. Although it tends to be a mysterious aspect of wedding planning, it is definitely worth researching to find out more about what video has to offer. Keep in mind that there are many different styles of wedding videography, and everyone should be able to find the one that best fits their needs.


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